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Wellington Celebration Dinner - please use bank account below with Code: WGTN DNR

Donate to Beirut, Lebanon 

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Our bank account: Westpac 03-0155-0347818-03

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Please note that donations to Beirut are not eligible for donations tax credit in NZ.

Other projects: 
WMN / Where Most Needed SSP / Student Sponsorship
TPR / Training Preachers CD / Campus Development
FT / Faculty Training
CARE / Humanitarian Development
LLIT / Literature & IT Resources OD / Organisational Development; Short Term Volunteers' Advising, Consulting, Training

CHEQUE Post to LeaDev-Langham, PO Box 68208, Victoria St West, Auckland 1142

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  • Where most needed
  • Equip - Training Preachers
  • Equip - Student Sponsorships
  • Resource - Campus Development
  • Multiply - Faculty Training [If you would like your donation to go to a particular Senior Leader from our current cohort, please email us with a note of whom you have chosen.]
  • Resource - Organisational Development & Volunteers [Note: This is tax deductible]
  • Resource - Literature & IT Resources 
  • Care - Humanitarian Development International (HDI): Our current focus is Beirut, Lebanon